August 2019

• Summer Concert 2019

On a big stage and in front of more than 250 people, the students sang, danced and recited English speech. Although there was a number of students who could not attend due to their health, the students did well and covered for the classmates who were absent. Surely, it will become an invaluable and worthy experience for the children that they performed in front of many audiences!✨🎶🎼🎤🎵🎹
























July 2019

• International Carnival🎪✨

We held International Carnival this year also. The students and the family participated the events. All the students enjoyed delicious Asian foods and many fun games.😋 The graduates and a friend who is on a long vacation also came and participated, so students were excited for the reunion‼️
Preschool will enter its summer recess. Enjoy your summer vacation ‼️👋🏼🌈

December 2018

• Christmas Musical

Kids Christmas Party for whole Karashidane Academy students was held. Within the party, original musical play with the script written by the junior high school and high school students of our academy was performed. Our preschool students played adorable sheep!



• Winter Concert!

They had been able to have fellowship with many people from many different countries. Last guest of this year was the artist of Grammy winner! They could present a bouquet of flowers without any hesitation! It would be a great treasure for them in the future that they could have this kind of cross-cultural communication when they are very young! 🎤🎹🎼🎶💐


October 2018

• Harvest Festival!🌳🍁🍂🍐🍎🍊🍇🥕🍠

Big tree laden with fruits appears in the classroom! Surrounded by many autumn harvests. Students enjoyed playing games; trying to guess just by touching sweet potato, pumpkin, chestnut… and plucking many autumn fruits from various trees.
Then we had time to sow seeds of vegetables in real soil! Students got excited to see buds! We are looking forward to see the harvests!

July 2018

• International Carnival! 🎪

On 21st we had the long-awaited “International Carnival”!! They could enjoy eating many foods from a variety of countries and playing many kinds of games tremendously! More than 100 people including friends from Israel came and had a fun time.


March 2018

• Easter Festival

We had Easter Festival as a part of trial lesson of the preschool. We listened to the Easter message and enjoyed the games with many friends.