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Nursery Course (until 6:00pm) is newly established‼️

We have received many requests for longer hour course from working mothers. And from this Autumn, Nursery Course which is until 6:00pm is opened!
The students will not just spend time but they wil speak in English and learn music, art, intellectual studies and manner & etiquettes!
Some may proceed to public schools in Japan after graduating the preschool; thus, for the preparation, they can study math and Japanese also!
Mustard Seed International Preschool runs with small number of students with more attention on each students to bring out their individualities.
Seats are limited.
3 more openings for 1-2 year old and 
5 more openings for 3 years old. 
Please contact us at 075-874-7175.

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Within 8 months!!

One of our student (6 years old) passed Eiken Jr. Silver level with full marks, following Bronze level! It’s only been 8 months since she joined our preschool. Well done!! WE’RE SUPER PROUD OF YOU!



Within 3 months!!

Our student attained BRONZE level with 100% accuracy for Eiken Jr.! And she was also given a Certificate of Recognition for her excellent performance! We’re so proud of you!!  


We were featured on RANDEN’s homepage with our students’ drawing! Well done! 🙂